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April 18, 2019by ecigg0

For those of you who are interested in trying out vaping, choosing the right e-juice can be an overwhelming experience. Once you get the hang of how vaping works and begin to learn what your personal preferences for e-juices are, it becomes much less of a confusing hassle. To help you get around that learning curve, our experts at ECigs International have compiled a list of 5 tips on choosing the right e-juice for beginners.
1. Know Your E-Juice Ingredients

E-juice isn’t as complicated as you might think; it is composed of only two key ingredients:

  • Propylene Glycol, also known as PG, is a synthetic compound which has antifreeze properties and is used in medicines, cosmetics, food products, and e-juice. You might be alarmed to hear that it is associated with antifreeze, airplane de-icing fluid, and brake fluids, but it is a harmless substance which has been recognized by the FDA as nontoxic. Propylene Glycol is an odorless, colorless liquid that is water-soluble and easily metabolized. It is actually an organic compound! PG is even used as a food additive during processing and as a humectant (a substance that retains moisture to prolong the shelf life of some foods).
  • Vegetable Glycerin, also known as VG, is also a colorless and odorless liquid, but it is produced from plant oils and is considered even more safe for consumption than PG. It is usually made from palm, soy, or coconut oils during an extraction process called hydrolysis. Once the glycerin splits from fatty acids, it is distilled and purified. It is naturally sweet and is used in cosmetic products, foods, botanical tinctures, and e-juice.

Aside from VG and PG, e-juice might include extra food-grade flavoring, but any good e-juice won’t have a long list of ingredients. Steer clear of extensive labels, because they most likely contain cheap additives that aren’t good for your health.

The ratio of PG to VG in an e-juice is typically associated with the production of clouds and how it feels in your throat. Juices that are too low in VG can have a muted flavor, but juices that are too high in VG can be too strong or too sweet depending on your personal tastes.

2. Buy From a Reputable Supplier

Although it is tempting to buy cheaper e-liquids from overseas (especially when you want to try a whole bunch of new flavors right away), it is not recommended for anyone to trust e-juice with handwritten labels from sellers who aren’t trustworthy. Every purchase from a sketchy seller is a game of roulette: you never know when the e-juice was produced in an acceptable lab using approved ingredients, or if it was concocted in someone’s basement and stretched with sugary syrups and toxic chemicals. Always remember that the e-juice you buy is being inhaled, and it goes into your body directly. Don’t risk your lungs or having an allergic reaction, trust a reputable e-liquid manufacturer like ECigs International as your supplier.

3. Choose an Appropriate Nicotine Level

An e-juice company will offer different nicotine levels available for you to try. Most beginners to vaping go about choosing a nicotine level all wrong. If you have never used a nicotine-inclusive product, do not use nicotine in your e-juice. There is no actual need for nicotine to be in e-juice, other than it was originally designed with previous tobacco users in mind. Please do not expose yourself to the addictive substance unless you truly need it; e-juices with a 0mg/ml nicotine level is just as good as those with 3mg/ml and higher nicotine levels.

For those of you who currently use tobacco products, your nicotine level in e-juice will depend greatly on the amount of nicotine you intake regularly. If you only have a relatively limited amount of nicotine a day, 3mg/ml up to 8mg/ml might be a good level to start at. You can always go up in nicotine if you have any withdrawal symptoms, but starting too high can produce severe headaches and nausea from nicotine overdose. If you are a more heavy nicotine user, 8mg/ml to 12mg/ml might be more akin to your average intake.

4. Don’t Be Conservative With Flavors

One of the more exciting aspects of starting vaping is exploring the thousands of flavors available and finding different ones you enjoy. If you can taste it, chances are there is an e-juice of it. Fruity flavors like honeydew, black cherry, and apricot and are usually a big hit for anyone who likes hard candy. Dessert flavors like birthday cake, blueberry cheesecake, and even french toast are sure to hit the spot for anyone with a big sweet tooth. There are coffee and tea flavors that are less sugary tasting, which ranges from earl grey to mocha and everywhere in-between. There are even menthol flavors and regular tobacco flavors to target those of you who just like the taste of your tobacco products and want a simple transition into vaping as well. Whatever flavors you like, make sure to get a few and not just one, even after you’ve found a favorite.

There is a term (vaper’s tongue) which refers to the inability to taste a particular e-juice flavor after prolonged use. For one reason or another, the taste buds begin to get accustomed to one flavor and you will lose its full palate over time unless you switch between flavors. Switching flavors after a few days of use will allow for your tongue to never get bored.

5. Steep Your E-Juice

Just as you would with any good wine or whiskey, you should allow your e-juice to age before using it. Steeping your e-juice will allow for the mixture to homogenize and bring out deeper flavors. The product will become smoother and stronger. If your e-juice is too weak, you can place the bottle in a cool, dark place for up to a week and allow it to steep. If it is a bit strong already, you should store it in a safe place with the lid off to allow the mixture to breathe, which will mellow out the flavor more.

As e-juice steeps, the color of it will darken. This is normal and will vary depending on how much nicotine is in the formula, and how dark the juice was, to begin with.

Entering into the world of vaping shouldn’t be a daunting event, rather, you should be able to enjoy the new experience. Learning about the basics is the first step, and you’re already well on your way with these five tips for beginners. If you’re looking for ecig-juice for sale online, start with some of our many custom e-juices available at ECigs International.

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