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Vaping and the Art of Cloud-Chasing

March 18, 2024by ecigg0

When vaping began, it was seen as an alternative to smoking. However, people vape for many reasons, and today, cloud chasing is one of them. If you dream of producing large beautiful vapor clouds, you’re a cloud chaser.

As the name suggests, cloud chasing means producing large vapor clouds during vaping. It truly is an art form as well as a hobby. To be a successful cloud chaser, you’ll need to learn the right techniques and have the correct equipment.

Choosing a Device

The first step to starting your cloud-chasing journey is to choose a device that works well for creating clouds. Some vapes are designed for cloud production.

Choose a vape with adjustable airflow. This helps to create clouds by increasing the amount of air you take in. This means you have more air to exhale, creating more vapor. Sub-ohm tanks and high-wattage mods can also increase your vapor output.

Choosing E-Juice

The E-juice you use will also affect your vapor production. Vegetable glycerin e-juices create the best clouds. You’ll want to choose a vape juice that is at least 70% vegetable glycerine. This is often listed as 70/30 VG. You may also want to choose e-juices with a mild flavor and minimal throat hit.

You’ll also need to consider the nicotine level. Most cloud chasers choose a no-nicotine vape juice. If you want juice that contains nicotine, opt for a lower nicotine level. High nicotine e-juices are not ideal for cloud chasing, because you intake too much of it in the process. You may become dizzy, lightheaded, or nauseous if you get too much nicotine.

Cloud Chasing Tricks

Now that you have the proper equipment, it’s time to learn how to do cloud-chasing tricks. It all starts by learning how to produce those large clouds of vapor!

To create massive vapor clouds, you’ll need to master the direct inhale. You’ll want to inhale deeply and quickly, pulling the vapor directly into your lungs. Then, you will exhale slowly.

You should master this before you begin attempting cloud tricks because this is the basis everything is built upon. 

The dragon requires you to blow smoke out of your nostrils and the sides of your mouth, like a dragon. To do this, you’ll need to have your lips touching to force the vapor out of the sides of your mouth.

To blow O rings, you’ll pull your tongue back towards the back of your mouth. This pulls the smoke back as well. Make an O shape with your mouth, preventing the smoke from coming out.

Now, you can release small bursts of smoke. You can practice this move by saying “butter”, without the “t”.

O rings aren’t the only shape you can create. You can also blow triangles. You’ll use the same process as O rings. Once you’ve blown the ring, tap it with your finger. When done correctly, this creates a triangle shape.

The Jellyfish also begins with an O ring. Blow an O ring and give it a slight push. Then, blow more vapor into the O ring to create a jellyfish look.

Cloud Chasing Safety

The biggest concern with cloud chasing, other than nicotine overload, is the battery. There are plenty of videos of batteries exploding. This can occur in many devices, including cell phones, as well as vapes.

If you are purchasing a prebuilt vape, you won’t have to worry about the battery. However, if you use an unregulated (mech) mod or a box mod, make sure the battery doesn’t overheat.

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